The Divine Connexion

C L A I ​R V O Y A N T   M E D I U M 

Hi, I am Alison and welcome to 

The Divine Connexion

Every single one of us is born with the Divine Spark 

which connects us to the universal source - the miracle of life.


When dormant, this Divine Spark is felt as a yearning to awaken to 

inner peace, happiness, and oneness. 

When dormant, we experience suffering in our lives.


I work with those who are new to spirituality, through to experienced seekers 

who are wanting to move to more advanced states of awareness. 


I strive to help you transform your suffering into a state of 

peace, awareness and deep connection 

so that you can reach your full potential and create a beautiful life.


Clairvoyant Readings

Energy Healing

Spritual Mentoring / Coaching
Meditation Evenings (coming soon)

Workshops and Teachings (coming soon)

Clairvoyant Readings



Alison is an international Clairvoyant Medium. 


She is guided to either use cards, or sometimes she will just read your energy and follow guidance and messages from the guides, angels and Divine beings to determine what you need to know in that moment. 


You get so much more than a reading as Alison's awareness gives you the opportunity to bathe and heal in the beautiful golden white light of the Divine source.


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Healing Sessions


Alison has been a certified healer since 2006, though she was born with the gift of healing and clairvoyancy.

A healing session can focus on a number of different things depending on what you need. Sometimes it will be chakra balancing only, other times we will focus on specific areas of your health. 

Alison's speciality is working with held emotions and traumas that are impacting the physical body,

mental health or fulfillment in life.

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Spiritual Mentoring / Coaching

The Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching process goes into more depth than single 1-on-1 sessions. 

As your Mentor / Coach, Alison will develop an ongoing relationship with you to identify your goals and dreams and then follow a unique step by step path guiding and supporting you to create a beautiful life or successful spiritual practice.

If you are interested in being mentored on your personal, spiritual or professional journey, book a 

discovery call with Alison.

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