Awaken Activation Ascension 4 - 7 August 2022 Reesville Qld

Awaken Activation Ascension


with Alison Eades The Divine Connexion

@Heaven in the Hills Reesville, Maleny, Qld

Infrared Sauna Awaken Activation Ascension August 2022

Book an Infrared Sauna Session $42.50

Wellbeing Centre Facilities - Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna (also called IR Sauna) sessions usually involve sitting comfortably while infrared heaters directly heat your body. 

This is different to regular sauna‚Äôs that only heat the air around your body. 

The deep penetrating infrared light produces a deep, detoxifying sweat.

Our IR Sauna is the perfect detox addition to your health and wellness routine and will help to cleanse your body and energy field to better integrate the retreat energies and activations.